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Zn/Al/Mg Alloy Die Casting
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Partnering Factory
Fu Chia Metal Casting Co., Ltd.
No. 103 Wu-Kung Rd., Wu-Ku Ind. Park, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.
ISO 9002

Main Products

High Precision Toolings

Electronic Parts Manufacturing

Zinc, Aluminum & Magnesium Diecastings

Home Appliance

Hardwares & Combination Locks

Chrome, Brass, Gold, Matt & Nickel Plating


Major Equipments
Hot Chamber 5 TON 1 SET
15 TON 10 SET
25 TON 4 SET
30 TON 7 SET
50 TON 7 SET
60 TON 1 SET
125 TON 1 SET
200 TON 1 SET
Cold Chamber 125 TON 1 SET
250 TON 1 SET
350 TON 1 SET
Techmire-22 (Canada) 2 SETS
Barrel-Copper + Nickel Plating 1 SET
Barrel-Copper + Nickel + Tin-Lead Plating 2 SET
Laboratory for Plating Bath Analysis 1 SET
Painting Facilities
Automatic Painting Systems 2 LINES
Tooling Shop Facilites
Mold Design with CAD/CAM System 3 SETS
CNC - Milling Machine 1 SET
CNC - EDM Machine 3 SETS
High Precision EDM Machine 2 SETS
High Precision Lathe Machine 2 SETS
High Precision Milling Machine 6 SETS
High Precision Surface Grinding Machine 6 SETS
Electric Saw 2 SETS


Quality Control
Profile Projector
Microscope with Meteoric-Check
High Precision "Trimos" Mirco Vertical Metre
Salty Water Spraying Test Machine
Seiko-Sft 7195 X-Ray Plating Thickness Test Machine
Fisher Corrosion Type Plating Thickness Tester
Material Density Tester
Pulling Test Machine
Binding (Reviting) Test Machine
Material Inpact Tester
Threads Strength Tester
Metric Pin Gages from 0.5mm to 10.50mm, each Pin Gage difference is 0.01mm
Block Gauge
Micro Depth Indicator
Thread Gauges of Whole Range
Johnson Thread Gauge
3 Pin Thread Gauge
S.P.C. Soft Ware for Q.C. System
Computerized Color Roughness Gauge
Painting (Coating) Thickness Tester
Standard Light Source